Francophiles, foodies and Bistro Poplar fans alike: We have decided to change the concept of the restaurant. Though we will still bring you French/American cuisine at it’s best; built from the bottom up; we’ve decided to expand our horizons to offer you a broader range in our talent and showcase food and wine from all over the world. To do so, we’ve decided to change our menu structure to Tapas (or Petit Plats or Small Plates) all week long. Many of you have voiced how much you love our Tapas menu offered on Sundays and Mondays and wished it was available all of the time. Your voices have been heard. We will still offer your favorites as signature dishes that will remain on the menu year long. The other 15-20 menu items will change monthly with daily additions as well. This will allow our Chefs and FOH Staff the opportunity to grow along with your palate and offer you more local and fresh ingredients that sometimes have a shorter harvesting time than the four seasons we base our menu around now. If you prefer a traditional serving style, fear not. Get a small group of friends together and book our private dining room for 4-40 people.